“Monkey Puzzle West Norwood has a fantastic and dedicated team, they clearly consider what our child is interested in and how to help him develop and play across all areas. He has enjoyed new foods, cooking, reading, new sports, yoga, dance, climbing, football and also made his first friends. There is a lovely mini-lending library. The team are also great at talking to families and offer great socials & training for parents/carers. Their top tips for behaviour and potty training were invaluable. The atmosphere is warm and engaging.”

“Hi Management Team

Janna and I both just wanted to thank you so much for the absolutely amazing experience our child has had since joining the nursery in February as a preschooler.

We have seen such huge growth in our little girl on all levels not only in her learning but also on an emotional and physical level.

She is always so excited to go to school. What more does a parent want than to see their child happy, as well as knowing that she is in such a nurturing environment.

What we love is how you have all made her feel safe and confident whilst at Nursery. She has been encouraged to explore her imagination by engaging in the activities she enjoys most, as well as taking part in the prepared group activities that are focused on hands on discovery & learning whilst teaching the children the values of sharing, listening, paying attention, waiting your turn etc.

We also hugely respect the professional, yet friendly manner in which this nursery is run. Safeguarding is of paramount importance to Monkey Puzzle. As a parent, its critical to feel that your child is always safe. And here I know she couldn’t be safer.

The Nursery itself is absolutely beautiful. Decked with the best of the best, as far as we are concerned. The vast amount of natural light paired with the very high ceilings create an airy, bright atmosphere – which was a very important factor for us when it came to choosing a school.

We would also like to thank the chef who is always producing the most delicious, nutritious meals. The variety is always excellent and the children are encouraged to try new healthy foods regularly by preparing the dishes in such a way that no one could really refuse a bite!

She starts Reception this year, and is already starting to feel anxious about moving on to a new school. We cannot ever thank you enough for offering to take her on a tour of her new school, see her new classroom and teacher (if possible) ahead of time, and in doing so really helping her transition knowing that you all approve of her new school. I am quite sure this is above and beyond the expectation of any parent. We were totally bowled over by this gesture of kindness. You guys are gems.

Thank you!” Nikki & Janna

“Fantastic! Really looking forward to looking round once it’s ready, the vision and plans you have for the nursery are amazing!” Nicola

“I know Sheena, she’s a dedicated, energetic enthusiastic and caring working mother. I know she will ensure that every child gets what they need and that they each receive the best care possible. Anyone in the area who is looking for childcare should definitely check this place out.” Samin

“We’d viewed a few nurseries for our daughter but felt like all of them involved a compromise of some sort. We met Sheena and her team after giving up on nursery and going down the child minder route instead and immediately felt like Monkey Puzzle in West Norwood was the place we’d been looking for. The staff are super friendly, creative and caring and the nursery itself is really impressive. Our daughter started at 17 months old and absolutely loves it. She hasn’t cried once (which is something we were dreading!) and I only have to mention the names of the staff to get her moving in the morning because she can’t wait to get there. It’s really wonderful to be able to go to work, knowing she is so well looked after and delighted to be there. After seeing some other nurseries and also trying a child minder for a few months, I can’t recommend this nursery enough.” Joey Norton