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Our Monkey Puzzle Day Nurseries staff are all selected for their positive, caring, and passionate nature, alongside their expertise in care that they bring. We value their diversity and the unique qualities and skills that they can bring to our family and want them to have careers and jobs that they are proud of.

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Monkey Puzzle West Norwood knows that our staff team is our greatest resource. Every day they offer outstanding love, care and attention to our children. They show a real passion for what they deliver to our children and take enormous pride in what they do. When filling vacant job roles, our policy is to always recruit and/or promote internally where possible.

 We want to offer exciting and diverse careers to all staff that are seeking them. Whatever your goals are within our internal teams or your personal career, we will assist you in achieving that goal and progress even further.

We also offer our staff access to a range of training routes to ensure they stay up to date with the latest guidance for care within our nurseries at all levels of staff, continuing to help them progress in their careers and build on their skills.

We believe in working alongside each other to create our very own Monkey Puzzle family. Monkey Puzzle West Norwood is a fabulous place to work where your opinion, thoughts and special touch is what matters most and you will be generously rewarded for your capabilities, loyalty and dedication.

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Current Vacancies

Team Member Benefits

Annual Leave

We know that holiday time is important to people which is why we offer holiday entitlement that takes what many employers off and gives a little more based on your role and impact in the nursery

Yu Life

Every life is important and as a caring employer we value your life and well-being greatly, providing you and your loved one’s financial support would the worst happen and rewarding you for playing your part in keeping fit and healthy through the great Yu-Life app.

Gym Membership

We all know what the main benefits of joining a gym are:

  • Improved Health, balance and flexibility, physique and posture
  • Increased energy levels and reduced hip and back pain
  • Classes, community, equipment and expert knowledge
  • Dramatically increase your chances of actually getting fit

Calm App

We understand that keeping an eye on your mental well-being is one of the most important things you can do. This is why we give all of our employees a subscription to the Calm App, allowing you to take some mindful moments away from the stresses of daily life.

Professional Growth

A wide range of fully funded training is available for you, from essential childcare-related training to Mental Health First Aider certification, to degree-level courses. Monkey Puzzle is able to support your professional growth.

Personal Development Fund

We like to see people grow, not only professionally but personally too. Our £100 – £150 per year development fund supports you to realise a dream, try something new, take an existing skill or hobby to the next level. Be it becoming confident by the pool on holiday through sw3imming lessons, giving house riding a go or making a start on getting your driving licence you’ll have our support and a little investment from us too.

OFSTED Inspection Bonus

We love to celebrate our successes, and for achieving the nurser’s OFSTED Inspection objectives you and your colleagues will receive a well-deserved bonus. Be sure to speak with us about our targets for OFSTED success.

Role Bonus
Apprentice £50
Unqualified £100
Educator £200
Room Leader £300
Deputy Manager £500
Manager £1000