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Introducing Our New Member of Staff !

Introducing Our New Member of Staff !

Nursery is all about preparing your child for the move to primary school.

Because these years are so formative in a child’s development, we decided to go the extra step and employ a fully qualified Early Years teacher at Monkey Puzzle West Norwood, to work alongside our existing child practitioners.

Our teacher, Sean will work with our preschool children (ages 2-5), focusing on teaching the children to have a growth mindset, as well as STEM learning and working on their gross motor development,  which means the learning and development of all the children will be of an outstanding standard.


What is Growth Mindset?

Over 30 years ago, Carol Dweck and her colleagues became interested in students’ attitudes about failure. They noticed that some students recovered well from a challenge or mistake, while other students seemed devastated by even the smallest setbacks. After studying the behaviour of thousands of children, Dr Dweck coined the terms fixed mindset and growth mindset to describe the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. When students believe they can get smarter, they understand that effort makes them stronger. Therefore, they put in extra time and effort, and that leads to higher achievement.



Teacher practice also has a huge impact on the mindsets of children, and the feedback that teachers give their students can either encourage a child to choose a challenge and increase achievement or look for an easy way out. For example, studies on different kinds of praise have shown that telling children they are smart encourages a fixed mindset, whereas praising hard work and effort cultivates a growth mindset. When students have a growth mindset, they take on challenges and learn from them, therefore increasing their abilities and achievement. This is exactly what Sean will be working on with all the children in our Nursery.


Introducing Sean


Whilst the children at the Nursery didn’t take part in Sean’s interview, we thought it only fair that the children got to ask Sean some questions when he started working with them, to get to know him better. They turned out to be great interviewers with some well thought out and in-depth questions!


1.What is your favourite song to sing? 

My favourite song to sing is ‘I had a little turtle’ as my favourite animals are turtles.What does the World need more of?

There are a lot of things the world needs more of but for me I’d love to see more open green spaces, forests and fields where we can explore nature.

  2. What does the World need more of? 

There are a lot of things the world needs more of but for me I’d love to see more open green spaces, forests and fields where we can explore nature.

3.Do you know how to hula hoop? 

I do know how to hula hoop, but that doesn’t mean I can do it very well.

4.Are you scared of worms? 

No, I am not scared of worms I love messy play and exploring nature and looking at all kinds of mini-beasts.

5.What are 5 things that make you happy? 

The five things that make me happy are; music, keeping fit, reading, mountain climbing and camping.

6.What is your favourite story? 

I have two, I love Julia Donaldson and will read her books all the time to the children. The first book is ‘The everywhere bear’ and the second book is ‘Paper Dolls’ both I highly recommend to all parents to get and read at bedtime.

7.What was your favourite thing about school? 

My favourite thing about school for me was always science, I was always interested in how things can change and how everything works. I am a very curious person and really want to inspire that into my children.

8.Why did you become a teacher?

I have always loved working with children and so have spent time working in different settings gaining experience and knowledge. I am a fully qualified Early years teacher, and have worked in SEN schools, nurseries and primary schools.


We are very excited that Sean has joined the rest of our wonderful team, and you can find out more about the rest of the staff HERE 


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